Richter Optimization offers consulting and engineering services with the aim to increase the performance, efficiency and productivity of technical systems and processes. To this end, customized solutions using techniques from mathematical modeling, simulation and optimization are developed.


In the modeling phase, the most important physical effects that characterize the behavior of the system or process are identified and described by means of mathematical equations.



If the model equations are solved, the system behavior is reproduced on the desktop. Performance, efficiency and productivity bottlenecks can then be derived.


Modern optimization techniques make it possible to systematically improve both the system configuration and the control of the system in accordance with the objectives.


Customers gain the following benefits:

Increased profit and stronger competitive position

Richter Optimization enables performance, efficiency and productivity boosts of technical systems and processes – and thus a more profitable operation. By making the best use of system resources, you also strengthen your position against competitors.

For existing applications, untapped potential can often be rapidly activated by a software update, e.g., by an improved process control. The biggest improvements for your system are possible if the expertise of Richter Optimization is already taken into account in the planning phase.

Shorter development times

Bottlenecks for a high-performing system can be pre-identified from simulation studies – even before the system is put into operation and without large prototype series. This saves development time and resources and helps to focus on the crucial components of the system in terms of performance, efficiency and productivity. Simulation results can also be valuable for the future development of the system or process.

Reduced costs through systematic development

Sophisticated methods from optimization provide systematic solutions by separating the solution specification from the solution generation. The solution generation is done automatically by an optimization algorithm such that changes in the specification can be quickly mapped to new solutions. Consequently, cost savings can be realized by:

– Targeted solution development, which implies a significant reduction of time-consuming empirical solutions and lookup tables.

– Transparency in the transfer of knowledge and maintenance by separating the solution specification from the solution generation.

Single go-to partner

Richter Optimization is your partner for problem analysis, solution development and implementation. Take advantage of modern solutions and realize more powerful, more efficient and more productive systems and processes.


Selected customer projects that already benefit from optimization solutions:


NeoTOP-x, Dividella

Packaging system for pharmaceuticals 
Dividella AG (CH)5





Thanks to the services of Richter Optimization we have increased the packaging rate of the NeoTOP-x system by 20% while maintaining the drive’s power consumption at the same level. In retrospect, we easily could have saved one version of our prototype.

E. Lorenz, Product and R&D Manager, Dividella AG

More details about this project

Dividella is a Swiss vendor of packaging systems for pharmaceutical products. Richter Optimization has been involved in the development of the new-generation packaging system NeoTOP-x (illustrated above) and has contributed to the following work packages:

– Simulation studies of key components in order to select the best setup for the drivetrain.
– Computation of optimal trajectories for pick- and place systems with emphasis on performance and vibration attenuation.
– Design of new positioning controllers for the electric motors in the drive train to ensure oscillation-reduced positioning.


The FLOAT, Lutz Medical Engineering





With the new cable force optimization of Richter Optimization we managed to increase the performance of our FLOAT robot especially at ranges with low weight support. This enables wider lateral movements, which of course poses a significant benefit for the patient.

P. Lutz, Lutz Medical Engineering GmbH

More details about this project

The FLOAT (Free Levitation for Overground Active Training) is a medical body weight support system for gait training of patients and is developed and distributed by Lutz Medical Engineering. Richter Optimization has designed and programmed the necessary software for the optimal assignment of cable forces. Characteristics of the delivered solution are:

– Guaranteed processing time of less than 0.005ms for all possible scenarios with minimal resource requirements (embedded optimization)
– Full consideration of a consistent geometry of the trolleys
– Guaranteed compliance with a minimum cable force to ensure a minimum preload
– Enlargement of the movement range for the patient up to 20%


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The Richter Optimization GmbH was founded in early 2015 by Stefan Richter. The company’s focus is on improving the performance, efficiency and productivity of technical systems and processes with the help of advanced methods of modeling, simulation and in particular of mathematical optimization. The company’s services are not restricted to specific technology branches, therefore improvements can be achieved for a wide range of technical systems.

Stefan Richter   holds a master degree from Graz University of Technology and a PhD from ETH Zurich. His doctoral thesis was on fast embedded optimization in the field of model predictive control. For his work he was awarded the ABB Research Prize and the ETH Medal. Stefan Richter has started his consulting work already during his position as a research assistant at ETH Zurich.


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